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6 Awesome Tips To Become An Airbnb Superhost

Superhosting is the pinnacle of hosting status, and provides nice rewards for those who push to attain it.  It’s not always easy though.  Researchers say only 7% of Airbnb hosts become “superhosts.”   Below are the 6 awesome tips for becoming a superhost, as well as a listing of the perks!

1. First, meet the basic Airbnb Superhost requirements

Meet the basics set out by Airbnb. These requirements are pretty clear, and definitely attainable – in fact most experienced hosts are already doing these, and not taking credit for their work.

  1. You need to have hosted a minimum of 10 trips
  2. Maintain a 90% response rate or higher
  3. Received a 5-star review at least 80% of the time you’ve been reviewed (as long as at least half of the guests who stayed with you left a review)
  4. Completed each of your confirmed reservations without cancelling
  5. Receive Consistently Positive Reviews

2. Next, keep your response rates high.

Whether you’re a superhost seeking host, or simply want to maintain consistent reviews and happy guests – you simply can’t ignore responding quickly to guests. It’s one of the most watched and often commented host attribute – and often contributes to positive and negative reviews.  But don’t just respond – solve problems!!!  Be honest as you are solving a problem if you are having trouble.  People appreciate honesty and transparency.

3. Keep your reviews positive.

The beauty of Airbnb is that it’s a self-regulating model in which reviews and ratings typically reflect the service that has been provided. While you can’t control all reviews, you can communicate early and often to temper expectations. Context is everything with reviews, and if a reviewer understands why something potentially below expectations occurred, they will be much more less apt to leave a negative review and give you the benefit of the doubt. Review the categories individually which you may be getting rated lower and do what you can to either improve that particular area of your airbnb rental, or at the very least identify it early with guests – thus setting expectations before a review is left.

4. Set Expectations Upfront About Pros & Cons of Your Airbnb.

It’s best to be upfront about what you have, and what you haven’t got in your Airbnb.  Don’t over do the bragging about the view, when there isn’t one.  Don’t list how spacious your place is if it isn’t.  People will give you low reviews, and you will in turn have trouble becoming a superhost – let alone renting your place.  Be honest!

5. Keep your Airbnb Clean!

People value cleanliness over just about everything in an Airbnb rental.  Guests can overlook most issues – but a dirty place, or an insect problem?  You’re heading straight for a negative review.  Put cleanliness at the top of your list as a host.

6. Make sure you only accept “qualified” guests.

What does this mean?  Set a standard for what you can and can’t accomodate in a guest – and hold to it.  Don’t bend for a larger group when your house or cleaning staff cannot handle it.  If your guest is a first timer with no profile – reject!  Be choosy when you can and hold to your minimum criteria for a guest – this will ensure better reviews!!

What Do I Get When I Become A Superhost?

If you earn Superhost status – besides the red badge of honor on your listing – your Airbnb will show up more often in searches and you will receive more potential revenue increase due to your status. Below are the benefits as well to you.

  • You get to use the Superhost badge

  • You get priority support from Airbnb: You’ll receive priority phone support whenever you call or Tweet Airbnb.
  • You are listed on Superhost search filter: A Superhost search filter lets guests search only for recognized hosts.
  • You receive a travel coupon: If you maintain your Superhost status for a full year (4 evaluation periods) and have an active listing on the day that marks the 1 year anniversary of your Superhost status, you’ll receive a $100 travel coupon to use towards your own Airbnb trip.
  • Access to product exclusives: You’ll be invited to preview upcoming releases and attend exclusive events.

In conclusion, superhosting is definitely worth working a bit harder for – it’s a badge of honor, you get benefits, and besides you’ll get better reviews and make more money!  Good luck!  PS. Here are some additional articles we recommend:


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