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Airbnb Guest Communication Success In 4 Easy Steps

While you may be doing everything you can setting up your Airbnb with extra amenities – clean linens, flowers, and clear instructions – what can you be doing better to ensure you and your guest are on the same page with regard to what is included and what is not?  Being honest and setting Airbnb guest communication and expectations early that a home is “quaint but basic” or “fully loaded” is critical to ensure you and your guest know what is in store for them in the house.

Here are 4 easy steps for Airbnb guest communication success to ensure you “set expectations” early and often on what you and your guest need from the experience.

1.  Focus on guest communication EARLY & OFTEN.

This is true especially with first time airbnb guests. Begin with in-app messages, but then continue during their stay to ensure they know where things are in your residence and in the neighborhood if they need help.  Be honest about your listing and what to expect!

2. Only work with Airbnb guests that have COMPLETED PROFILES.

When working with inquiries – always ensure guests have a completed profile. If not, request it. Airbnb is built on trust most importantly. If you don’t have their information, you can’t gauge what type of person they are, their background, and what you can do to set expectations for their stay. Many hosts reject inquiries without full profiles for this very reason.

3. Find out WHY your Airbnb guest is traveling.  Context helps!

Business, pleasure, visiting others? You can use this to gauge what their needs will be and to get to know them as well if they return. Give them examples of other guests you’ve had with similar needs, and possibly give them advice on where to find something if it’s not provided in your airbnb.

4. Be there to GREET THEM and confirm arrival times early.

A personal greeting is the number one way to show that you care, you are professional, and to make sure questions and expectations are agreed upon early.

While you may be doing everything you can setting up your Airbnb  – you need to be doing everything you can to also ensure you and your guest are on the same page with regard to what is included and what’s not.  Follow these steps and always over communicate whenever possible.

One additional way to gain insights into your guests is to follow Airbnb statistics in general or for your city.  If you’d like to know more about Airbnb percentages and statistics try these sites for some basic info on guests, hosts, and cities.



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