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4 New Airbnb Search Features – How To Use Them To Your Advantage

Airbnb has been improving it’s search listings features.  What does that mean?  It means Airbnb has been focusing mostly on “pricing and availability data” that they use to create a greater sense of urgency in guests either booking around very busy times, in very busy neighborhoods, or short lead time bookings. They are also increasing highlights on discounts for longer term stays. Understanding these sales techniques will help you to make your Airbnb listing more competitive in a crowded market.  These additions to their search engine and booking process include these 4 new search features you should use to your advantage.

1. The dates you’ve selected are “rare” (usually busy) – grab them now!

Their search engine knows which days you typically make available and when your bookings are most busiest. They alert the potential guest to the fact that this is a usually booked up day, and that they should grab it now. The term they use is “rare find.”

2. Bigger highlight on longer-term discounts

If you offer discounts for a week or a month booking off of your standard nightly rate – this has always been listed – but Airbnb is making it more prominently displayed on the page.

3. This is an “In-Demand” neighborhood

Encourages the guest to “book now” because there’s a lot of bookings occurring in the neighborhood. Creates a sense of urgency, similar to “rare” dates above.

4. Instant book “Lightening bolt” display for less than three before date

When there’s 3 or less days to go on their desired dates – Airbnb shows a lightening bolt next to listings that allow for the instant book feature.

In short – many of these features are very similar to other sales oriented websites that create a sense of urgency and increase sales by providing greater context around your purchase.  Understanding how this works will allow you to also customize your communication around a sense of urgency and scarcity of resources as well.  Here is a related article on Airbnb Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to read to further boost your sales:


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