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10 Great Tips To Prepare Your Home For Airbnb

Okay, you’re ready to get into the hosting game on Airbnb. You’ve set up your account and profile on airbnb.com. Taken some pictures, updated the calendar for availability, specified a price, and are generally done with setting up your listing. Now what? It’s time to prepare your house for your first visitors.  Here are 10 great tips to prepare your home to be an Airbnb listing.

You’re going to need to prepare the physical space for visitors by removing some items and safeguarding your valued possessions, providing basic amenities, and lot’s of instructions. The following is a list of things people commonly do to prepare. (These tend to vary a bit depending on whether you are listing an apartment or larger home.)

1. Write welcome letter/checkin instructions.

Include contact information, wifi passwords, a neighborhood guide, house rules and guidelines, and any other information your guests will need to get set up and feeling at home. Entertainment guides, neighborhood essentials and other supplemental guides are a great way to go above and beyond for your guests. *Of course we would recommend our easy to complete templates on airbnbtemplates.com.

2. Stock up with extra linens/towels.

Go to your favorite department store or chain and buy a set of basic linens that you use only for Airbnb guests. You don’t want to share your regular linen on a frequent basis with strangers.

3. Set up a cleaning service.

Explore using a professional cleaning service and show it on your listing as a separate cost. Compare pricing with similar apartments or homes in the area.

4. Make and provide extra keys.

Make an extra set of keys, and provide a way for guests to easily access keys and check in even when you’re not around.

5. Remove anything expensive and/or fragile from your home.

If there are items you will be nervous about – simply remove them to a closet or storage area.

6. Have a closet or storage area that locks for your things.

It’s often important to have one place in the apartment or house that is “off limits” and you can lock up items you don’t want to share with your guests. This might include certiain personal items, electronics, dog/pet toys, or anything that you either don’t want to risk being damaged or stolen, or just looks unprofessional.

7. Stock the place with amenities.

Go to a chain “big box” store and buy amenity items you can offer guests. This is often a cheap and easy way to make people feel at home and that you as a host care and have done something for them as guests. Soap, bottled water, coffee/tea satchels, or snacks are good ideas.

8. Make your kitchen space and refrigerator “presentable.”

Decide what can stay and what is a little personal to leave in the fridge. Leave out key appliances like your favorite coffee maker, and consider leaving a note or two on how to use if needed. Provide additional trash bags, coffee filters, dishwasher soap etc.. Leave instructions on all of these kitchen essentials in the house guidelines document.

9. Take care of pets.

It’s recommended to send your pets away, but if you’re feeling comfortable with the idea, you may wish to leave them if in the backyard. If this is the case, make it clear in your listing, and provide detailed instructions.

10. Lastly, consider informing a few trusted neighbors.

Let them know people will be renting your home and to keep an eye out for anything suspicious. Some folks opt out of this in the hopes that they can keep their airbnb plans secret and avoid neighborhood scrutiny. The fact is, it’s better to be open/honest – you’ll avoid any surprises for the neighbors, and will probably learn that many people are curious how they can make money on airbnb as well.

Hosting your own Airbnb is an adventure.  It’s hard work, but if you are entrepreneurial and enjoy people – it’s the perfect way to make some money and engage in the sharing economy.  G0od luck and try some of these additional resources for getting started!





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